Shalini’s Reviews: Daniel Daniels and The World’s Worst Zoo

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Hey guys,

Today I kick off the first book tour of my company DIGITAL READS BLOG TOURS. It is so wonderful to start this tour with the most gracious author and a genuinely warm human being. He is kind, he is magnanimous, he is so very understanding. He is all heart. I present to you Author Robbie Yates and his book Daniel Daniels and the World’s Worst Zoo!!

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If you love it, there is another review on the desk:

I have been sitting on this review for the past 3 days. I didn’t want to review this book. If I put my words down in the blogosphere, it becomes true for me. There is proof. There is a deep rooted story behind this, my saga, if you will. I will try and keep it short.

The history of this series is truly a saga, not the family kinds, but a tale of murder started in the first book The Fourth Monkey, a history of mutilation, first the ears then the eyes, the tongue and followed by the death (body). Sounds gruesome? That is awesome!


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