Mechanics by Reena Saxena

Mechanics “These are not weeds, but garlands woven by time on your existence.” It is my tenth day in the seniors’ home. I’m doing a survey for my thesis on speed of social change. I gather distilled wisdom, but the context has changed. They are unable to build a relevance for themselves in new frameworks. […]

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„Bravery“ – A Cidorma by Reena Saxena

Bravery Photo by Darren Lawrence on CIDORMA = CINQUAIN + SHADORMA Am Ithe brave personyou make me out to beI had no option to turn back-I walkedtill my feet ached with a parched throatsurvival drove me therewhere you found me…Soldiers!I salutegenerosityyou saved measked questionsgave me credit fordiscovering oasis Source: Bravery Source:  

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Long Haul Before Dawn by Reena Saxena

Long Haul Before Dawn Long haul before dawn ….. by Artie & Stu We don’t need you to make us feel safe, because you made us feel brave – selah.Teddy Bears watching from the windowshave gone back to their beds.The trembling world has shaken us to the bonebut the winding riverbrings us forever home.Darkness covers […]

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