The Job: Part 23 – 27 ~ beetleypete

It’s great that I’m on your side. Lol After being a very slow reader – and having to reactivate the blog – I’m back to reading the series. It went on like that, and here are the links to the various sequels posted over the past few days.   The Job: Part Twenty-Three June 23, 2021 […]

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Redflags by welovemenow

Redflags Some see it. Some choose to ignoreSlowly by slowly, it adds to moreMore torture, more cries, something I chose to adore! I saw it coming, I read the signs alsoSo sad, my wound is now soreNot wanting to believe became my new flawDwelling in disappointments and hoping for moreDay by day, it had a […]

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I clutch at this Straw!

I clutch at this Straw! I clutch at this straw… I woke up in the morning..My stomach could not stop growling … I was yawning! I didn’t have anything to eat before I got to bed the previous night because… Like any other person my age… I had too much rage .. within.. I was […]

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