Eslarn- Unternehmen: Aiderbichl-Außenstelle bekommt riessiges Taubenquartier

Na ja, wenn schon keine Tourist:innen, dann wenigstens Taubenpflege. So bekommt die einzige bayerische Gut-Aiderbichl-Außenstelle in Eslarn einen großen Taubenschlag. Sozusagen NOPF-Tauben werden hier künftig eine Bleibe finden. Dabei wollte Eslarns Gemeinderat noch vor gut zwei Jahren die Eslarn freiwillige besuchenden Tauben verkrämen lassen. Man vermied in der Gemeinderatsdiskussion geflissentlich das Wort „vertreiben“. Aber keine […]

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Rats Leave A Sinking Ship by

Rats Leave A Sinking Ship Since the trial of Derek Chauvin and his subsequent guilty outcome and now his sentencing to 22.5 years has some running scared…… the news is not good for many PDs across the country…… Who wants to be a cop these days? In many US cities, the answer is increasingly “hardly […]

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Do NOT Talk About Race! by

Do NOT Talk About Race! There is a racial divide in this country……we can pretend that it does not exist (not in this country) but sadly there is and I have written about it several times…… In case the posts were missed I will help with this issue….. Now instead of actually trying […]

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