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News Commission welcomes the adoption of €373 billion Cohesion policy legislative package 2021-2027 The European Commission welcomes the adoption by the European Parliament of the political agreements on the Cohesion policy legislative package 2021-2027 of €373 billion and its signature by both co-legislators. This marks the final step of the legislative procedure and allows for […]

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Rats Leave A Sinking Ship by

Rats Leave A Sinking Ship Since the trial of Derek Chauvin and his subsequent guilty outcome and now his sentencing to 22.5 years has some running scared…… the news is not good for many PDs across the country…… Who wants to be a cop these days? In many US cities, the answer is increasingly “hardly […]

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The Insurrection Act by

The Insurrection Act A up and coming word of the year, ‘insurrection’ and the last guy to hold the White House considered invoking the Act…… As protesters near the White House demonstrated against the killing of George Floyd last summer, aides were preparing a proclamation allowing President Trump to put active-duty US troops on the […]

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GOP Senators Are Cowards by

GOP Senators Are Cowards This is a continuation of my thoughts on the US Senate….. To be honest most Dem senators are also cowards (notice I stated ‘most” not all)…. Before I explain why the GOP are such cowards I will explain why I feel that way about Dems…. Dems are cowards because they still […]

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DON’T Take It For Granted by Jill Dennison

DON’T Take It For Granted The Republican Party lives in a fairy-tale world, one where reality has no place.  They don’t want to hear those realities that might awaken their sleeping consciences and make it uncomfortable for them to proceed with their platform of obstruction and lies. The most recent example came yesterday when the […]

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